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Atreyee works as a Life Coach and an Integrative therapist, specialising in Relationship problems, Stress and anxiety management, Personal growth/Coaching, Hypno-Band and Couples Therapy. She works for the NHS and has been involved in the Mental Health Sector for more than a decade. Atreyee also offers private therapy in Cambridge.

Atreyee has worked in a range of settings and her extensive knowledge and training helps individuals or couples to work at their own pace to achieve a better sense of wellbeing. Her attentive and assertive approach enables challenging issues to be addressed and resolved. To date, she has worked with various people, with a range of problems, accumulating experience and understanding to help people in the best possible way.

Atreyee holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and has work experience at King’s College Hospital, London. Her background in psychology enables her to work with individuals or couples with greater understanding of the human mind. She has recently been on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire talking about the benefits of Hypnotherapy and is a Tutor for Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills course.

If therapy or life coaching is what you are looking for, contact Atreyee on (+44) 07947 455 137 to book your first appointment.

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In this month of Love make sure you are everything you want to be!!

Hire Atreyee to be your personal life coach on a monthly basis. Contact her for further details.

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Hypnotension: high blood pressure


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