When’s the last time you hugged someone? Did you notice that the other person felt good afterwards? This is because we are receptive to touch in a very big way, so much that it enables “happy” chemicals in our bodies to be produced and flow through our system making us feel good. So go on….hug Continue reading »

The month of Love!!

It’s funny how in this one month of love there seems to be a high level of break ups! Communication is key, if you don’t tell your other half how you’re feeling then how is that person to know? There seems to be this misconception that because we love our partner and they know everything Continue reading »

Life Coaching

You can book me to be your life coach on a simple monthly contract. Contact me for further information.

Give yourself a chance

Life is a gift, do your best to live it. If you need assistance with it why not use one of the forms of therapy on this website to help you get there.

Knowing yourself..

Have you ever wondered about how famous and renowned people get to where they are? How they achieve the very best? If you too want the same, why not start by focusing on yourself, and if that means getting a bit of help along the way, why not use it? You’ve got nothing to lose Continue reading »